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Resident, Maryland State and Local Tax Forms and Instructions, Instructions for filing personal state and local income taxes for full- or part-year Maryland residents. Note: This form is not required for nonresidents who reside in the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Virginia or West Virginia and had only wages from
Amend your Virginia tax return. Get instructions on how to file VA tax amendment form for various tax years and information on penalties and interest.
Residents of Virginia file Form 760, the long version of the Virginia Individual Resident Income Tax Return. If you are a part-year resident you should file Form 760-PY, but may be required to also file Form 763 if you made any income in Virginia while living in another state. Nonresidents who made income in Virginia have to
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760 Instructions, 2016, Instructions for Form 760, Resident Individual Income Tax Return. Schedule ADJ, 2016, Schedule ADJ - VA Schedule ADJ. Schedule OSC, 2016, Credit for Tax Paid to Another State. Schedule VAC, 2016, Virginia Contributions Schedule. Schedule VACS, 2016, Supplemental Contributions Schedule
Congress did not enact any federal tax legislation that would impact Virginia after January 2, 2013, so taxpayers may still use their federal adjusted gross income of Schedule ADJ (both names if filing jointly) and the Social Security Number of the primary taxpayer as shown on your Virginia Individual Income Tax Return.
VIRGINIA Tax Forms and Instructions Below are the relevant links for VA State Tax information. Virginia State Mandate Preparers who file 50 or more individual income tax returns are required to e-file returns. A hardship waiver request is available. VIRGINIA Tax Forms and Instructions Information. Virginia Individual Income
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Personal Income Tax Forms. If you are a full-year resident of West Virginia, use the IT-140 forms below: Booklet Personal Income Tax Forms, Instructions and General Information Prior year forms Forms Personal Income Tax Forms Prior year forms If you are a full year resident of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia,