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26 Feb 2014 Megapolis: Infrastructure Buildings. Update 06/04/14: Pet Dinosaur Shop, Westminster Abbey, Tower of Hercules, and other buildings were nerfed. You can read about them in my post. In this section, we will examine some of the highest coin yielding buildings that do not involve contracts. The beauty of
Info-256. TIP While continuous play will reward players with some coin, it is not listed in the strategy because the amount of awarded coin is insignificant to players in the Top 100 ranking.
22 Oct 2015 Megapolis guide Coin Making. Money definitely makes the world go around. And you might need as numerous coins as you can to advance your Megapolis City on Facebook. In this informative guide, we are going to go over all that you will need to be aware of making the coins. Please share the following
28 Sep 2013 However, they'll still collect out of your cheap buildings. This process of generating coins is a good idea if you are planning on the long vacation. Selling Megapolis Friend Gifts. Making new friends is a great method to earn Coins. Freebies could be delivered to and out of your friends every single day.
18 Dec 2015
Are you out of Megabucks, but don't want to buy them, or use Megapolis cheats? There is still an option - Megapolis guide for knowing how to get more bucks!
3 Feb 2015 These challenges, or mini-games, aren't as inconsequential as you think – they may be optional when it comes to Megapolis' main objectives, but the more challenges or quests you complete, the more chances you'll have to unlock more buildings, add to your experience points and coins, and win special
14 Aug 2013 PocketGamer.Co.UK knows just how stressful it can be to master the art of making a city thrive. They made sure this essential tip on how to pace yourself in Megapolis: Pacing is important in Megapolis, for the game's creator has given you a fair amount of freedom to build in whatever direction you like.
Money makes the world go around. And you will need as many coins as possible to advance your Megapolis City on Facebook. In this guide, we will go over everything that you will need to know about making the coins. Please share this guide with your friends and Megapolis neighbors so that everyone can advance fast in
22 Aug 2013 Megapolis is a city-building game available for free on iOS and Android devices, as well as Facebook. In the game, you are tasked with building your own virtual city, making it both an attractive city with a sufficient primary infrastructure. To do so, you'll need to trade materials and build alliances with