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Save (2) Manual off (3) Off; Line signal measurement display in dBu, dBV, or Volts (AC); 3 level range selection for dB SPL and line signal; SPL meter calibration through standard 94dB sound level calibrator; Maximum level display; Peak hold display; Adapter operation available; 7 hours of continuous operation with four
Phonic's new audio analyser is certainly portable, but how well does it work? The PAA2 is a portable sound analyser designed to aid sound engineers, particularly those who have to set up audio rigs on a regular basis. Very roughly speaking, half of the tools on offer help the user identify and measure signal and wiring
Page 8 PAA2 USER' S MANUAL PHONIC CORPORATION . Enter button Press this button to move from Real Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTA) display to FUNCTION MENU. 3.MEET YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND PAA2 2. PAA2 comes with the following features: controls and connections: 5. 4. please make sure the POWER
PHONIC CORPORATION. PAA2 USER' S MANUAL. Page 4. INTRODUCTION. Thank you for purchasing PAA2, Personal Audio Assistant! PAA2 is a highly accurate audio analyzer that nestles in the palm of your hand, giving you all the tools you need to set up any sound system. With 31-band real-time spectrum analysis,
Phonic PAA2 User Manual.
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It's important to remember that the Phonic audio analyzers do not have built in filters for use in testing amplifier output. To analyze the output signal of an amplifier, users will need to use an appropriate amplifier filter to reduce the wattage and thu Can I use a longer cable with my PAA2, PAA3 or PAA6? It's perfectly
To help you familiarize yourself with the PAA3, this manual includes instructions on every function listed in the main menu and sub-menus. It is recommended that you take the time to have a read of it, before you store it in an easily accessible place, in case it's needed in future. FEATURES. 0 Palm Sized Audio Analyzer.
Simple level meters do not give users enough information about the frequency peaks and nulls that exist in practically all environments. A company called Phonic, known in the professional audio community, has introduced the PAA2 Personal Audio Assistant, a reasonably priced real-time audio spectrum analyzer that is
After moving 1. Left / Up button MEET YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND Press this button to highlight a selection PAA2 up or to the left of the current selection. Page 8 PAA2 USER' S MANUAL PHONIC CORPORATION . Enter button Press this button to move from Real Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTA) display to FUNCTION MENU.