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FLEXIBILITY/STRETCHING. FITT PRINCIPLES. FLEXIBILITY/. STRETCHING. FIT FACTS. Flexibility is one of the most frequently forgotten, yet most beneficial components of a well rounded exercise program. Stretching helps maintain muscular balance, improves posture, coordination and circulation, prevents injury, and.
FITT stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type. Its purpose is to serve as a quick go-to for the following components of fitness: cardiovascular exercise, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility. It is important to acknowledge that FITT principles serve as general guidelines.
1. Lesson. FITT Flexibility. Principles. By Carone. Fitness. FITT Flexibility Principles. What factors determine how flexible an individual is? One's flexibility is based upon the following uncontrollable factors: • Genetics—some people are naturally more flexible than others. • Gender—girls are generally more flexible than boys.

1 Aug 2011 Position stand addresses aerobic, resistance, flexibility and neuromotor exercise. INDIANAPOLIS – The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has just released new recommendations on the quantity and quality of exercise for adults, definitively answering the age-old question of how much exercise
These rules relate to the Frequency, Intensity, Type and Time (FITT) of exercise These four principles of fitness training are applicable to individuals exercising at low to moderate training levels and may be used to establish guidelines for both cardiorespiratory and resistance training. The FITT principle is used to guide
FITT – Frequency, Intensity,. Time, and Type Whether you are a beginner or have experience, FITT will help you build your physical activity program. Flexibility lengthens a muscle while increasing range of motion. Examples include self-stretch, yoga, Pilates, and chair stretching routines. Lifestyle activity occurs during.
Stretching FITT guidelines: Frequency: Aim for 5 times per week, or whenever you do “cardio” (cardiovascular aerobic exercise). Intensity: Perform each stretch with slow, steady movement without bouncing or locking your joints, which can cause injury. Time: Stretch for 10 to 15 minutes at a time.
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FLEXIBILITY AND. -_ THE FITT PRINCIPLE. The five components of fitness are important for physical health. Each component is necessary to live a healthy and productive life. Understanding fitness levels in each component and how to improve or maintain them through the use of the FlTT Principie wiii enhance overall

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