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TMS320C674x DSP. CPU and Instruction Set. Reference Guide . 2.8.1 Register Addresses for Accessing the Control Registers . . 2.9.14 Time
C55x v3.x CPU Algebraic Instruction Set Reference Guide (literature num- .. AMAR::MAC (Modify Auxiliary Register Content with Parallel Multiply and
TI C55x instruction set; C55x programming model. C55x assembly language. C55x registers; Terminology: Register: any type of register. Accumulator: acc
TMS320C28x CPU and Instruction Set .. 3.3.2 CPU Interrupt Enable Register (IER) and CPU Debug Interrupt Enable Register (DBGIER) . 3.
Reduced instruction set computer (RISC): Register file, function units divided into clusters. Execution. Register file CISC CPUs. ? TI C54x. ? VLIW. ? TI C6x. ? FPGA – Programmable CPUs. ? Virtex II .. CISC CPU: TI's C55x. ? Pipeline
CPU Registers. This chapter describes the main registers in the C55x™ DSP CPU. C55x CPU Algebraic Instruction Set Reference Guide (literature number.
2.6 Instruction set . .. Figure 1 Block Diagram of the C55x CPU [TI, 2000b, p.1-2]. When using register indirect addressing for accessing data, the memory is effectively .. Lucent architecture implements a RISC like instruction set, where all