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IMPORTANT: AVOID USING POWER TOOLS AROUND FUEL VAPORS WHICH ARE EASILY COMBUSTIBLE. Replace an existing fuel sender by removing the old unit. Note the direction of movement of the old float arm to assist installation. Position new unit above tank, aligning screw hole pattern in the mounting flange
Carefully slide gasket over float arm and sending unit to fit flat against underside of mounting plate. Now you're ready to install completed unit into tank by carefully inserting first the float arm, and then the sending unit through the tank hole. DO NOT BEND THE FLOAT ARM.
C O M. WEMA Electric Sending Unit Installation Guide. WEMA Promise: Direct Replacement guaranteed for reading from 240-30 ohms range. Designed for Water, Diesel and / or Gasoline applications, constructed out of a durable 316 stainless steel. With our sender, you can be assured of years of efficient service For.
Tanks, Inc. manufactures fuel system components and polyethylene, steel and stainless steel gas tanks for street rods and special interest vehicles.
Align the holes and thread in the ?" mounting screws through the holes in the sender flange and tank. Check to make sure that all screws are secure. AVOID OVERTIGHT- ENING! When you have done this, the installation of the fuel level sender unit is complete.
Typical Fuel Sending Unit Installation Instructions*. Please be certain to have a class B ?re extinguisher nearby during this procedure. Fuel System Pressure Relief - Please follow this procedure to prevent fuel spray during disassembly. Remove the fuel pump fuse from the fuse block and start the engine for approximately.
AutoZone Repair Guide for your Fuel System Fuel Level Sending Unit Removal & Installation.
Make certain the tank is empty and work EEPTH area is well ventilated before starting. “'2 “HANK. AWARNING. If uncertain how to perform any procedures, including wiring, seek the help from a qualified individual. Installation: 1. Disconnect battery and any other eiectrical sources. 2. Remove the existing sending unit. / ~.
Usage is restricted to vehicles using gasoline or diesel fuels only and to vehicles with 12VDC nominal negative ground electrical systems (6 & 24 VDC units must be special ordered). Use of this sender with any other fluid is not recommended, please consult Fuel Safe. No adjustments can be made to the length or
New floatless fuel sender from Classic Instruments. The following photo sequence shows the steps necessary for the installation of my fuel sender and routing of fuel lines on my roadster. They should be similar for your project. This is a typical fuel tank sending unit with an adjustable float level. Cardboard marked with top