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27 Jan 2011
Make sure you have enough space and a flat surface to fold the origami. PROCEDuRE: Step 1. Cut 12 – 3”x3” square pieces of paper. Note: The size of the squares depends on your preference of how large you want the ball to be. These instructions create a ball that fits in your hand. To save time, origami squares (4”x4”).
15 Nov 2011 How to Make Square Paper. All of the instructions below assume square paper is being used. If you need to make square paper, here is a fast way to do it. Take an ordinary piece of paper and fold it diagonally. Cut off the remaining strip. Modular Origami: How to Make a Cube, Octahedron & Icosahedron
Vestidos de papel para decoracion /Tutorial Paper Party or Wedding Dress Invitations from MichaelsMakers Lia Griffith Supernatural Style . Origami Business Card Ball Folding Instructions / Origami Instruction .. ??? ??? ???? 12???? ??????(niceno1)Origami kusudama Roses flower ball - YouTube.
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Fist of all we'll make one of the points of our ball. Take 5 sheets from the inside color ( blue) and glue them like this (see the first 6 pictures). Put some glue on the insertion and put it in the pocket. Make 6 like this! Let's call them "little stars". Step 2. Then take 5 sheets from the outside color (pink) and glue them with one blue
1 Mar 2012 Tutorial: 12 Piece Origami Ball. I have been making these origami balls ever since my elementary art teacher taught me in 4th grade. That's right, 4th grade! I have no -I suggest using 6in by 6in paper (traditional origami size) for the first time round because the smaller it is the harder. -Try making them all
PHiZZ stands for pentagon-hexagon zig-zag unit and was created by Thomas Hull. You can check out his work here. Thomas Hull explains how to fold the model and assemble the balls but there is a lot of information there so I decided to make an Instructable that might be a different way to learn this awesome system.
Modular Origami / KNITTED BALL / Instructions / Tutorial - YouTube.