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27 Jun 2017 MOT special notice about the publication of the 6th edition of the MOT testing guide.
12 Jun 2017 How the MOT scheme is administered and the rules for authorised examiners, nominated testers and testing different types of vehicles. This document helps you to follow the rules for carrying out MOT tests. There’s separate guidance for using the MOT testing service.
3 Sep 2013 The testing procedures and standards for MOT tests on cars, private buses and light commercial vehicles (class 3, 4, 5 and 7 vehicles).
The responsibilities of Nominated Testers (NTs) are set out in The MOT Testing Guide (6th Edition). 2 Every new AE is required to have at least one person, the AEDM, who has attended a. VOSA MOT Managers Course (see Section 7.1). 3 AEs must notify the local VOSA Office of any criminal conviction of the AE, one of its.
This guide should be used in conjunction with: ? the Site Assessment Risk Scoring Guide,. ? MOT Testing Guide (6th Edition),. ? the relevant MOT Inspection Manuals, which detail the methods of inspection and reasons for rejection used for MOT testing,. ? the VTS Device User Guide, which forms. Appendix 10 of the
4 Jul 2017 The MOT testing guide has been updated to bring it in line with recent MOT changes, the DVSA has announced in a special notice. The agency says document is intended to “help new and existing authorised examiners, testers and other interested parties comply with the requirements for authorisation by
MOT testing guide for test stations. MOT special notice 03-17: revision of the MOT testing guide. MOT special notice 02-17: inspection manual and dual-purpose vehicles.
25 Aug 2016 Another change with no legislation change to back it up. Every mot station in the UK is operating unregulated because the current 6th edition of the MOT testing guide is completely out of date. The only legal regulations a VTS can follow is the mot testing guide not .gov websites etc this has been going on
22 Jun 2017 At long last DVSA have this morning issued Special Notice 3 – 2017 entitled, “Revision of the MOT Testing Guide 6th edition”. This is long overdue,
Testing Guide 6th Edition, Section B4 Premises and Equipment, Section D1 Premises and. Equipment of the Requirements for Authorisation. Any vehicle testing station (VTS) not ready to switchover to the new service will have their authority to test suspended until they're ready as previously outlined in MOT Special N otice