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Dragonball AF Episode List. This episode list, along with all of the summaries were written in one sitting on a Saturday morning after being awake for two days straight, so you can expect these to be quite a bit sloppy. Maybe during my next stint of boredom, I'll redo these, or add more, but for now, you may think of this as just
After Goku face various enemies as Frieza and Buu Majin, and Gohan beat Cell, Pilaf wishes Goku becomes small after that with his new level, Super Saiyan 4, he defeat other enemies, Baby, Super 17 and Omega Shenlong SSJ4 Gogeta with her in the story you will now see, spent one year Goku left with Shenlong.
However, FUNimation wants fans to know from the official source that Dragonball GT is the last series and neither AF nor V exist. As far as we know, and Toei has confirmed this matter, there are no future plans for They will be making around 250 episodes. 14. In DBAF Vegeta goes ssj5 and 6 and becomes the strongest.
Results 1 - 16 of 6613 I have seen all Dragonball Z and GT episodes ever since I was 6 (Im not a nerd) i just want to see To see the alternate version of the episode guide along with summaries of the episodes,then click here Xicor Saga: 1.Xicor's Arrival. 2.Xicor's Search for the. Dragon Ball AF The real AF! Home; News
Dragonball AF Episode Guide. In keeping with the spirit of our Dragonball AF section, we have a hypothetical episode list for the entire Dragonball AF anime series: Xicor Saga: 001. Appearance of Xicor 002. Xicor's Mission: I Have a Wish 003. It's the 7 Star Ball! 004. Piccolo's Feelings 005. Xicor Attacks! 006. The End of
Dragon Ball AF (???????AF, Doragon Boru AF) is a long running myth regarding a series in the
Dragonball AF Episode List. This is a made-up episode list of the series. The author of this list said it wasn't a reflection of how the series was "supposed to be", but it's still amusing nonetheless. Xicor Saga: 1.Xicor's Arrival. 2.Xicor's Search for the Dragonballs Begins. 3.Xicor's First Dragonball. 4.Piccolo's Feelings. 5.
Dragon Ball AF Xicor Saga (episodes 1-33). majinGoldberg; 33 videos; 21,167 views; Last updated on Jun 29, 2014. Dragon Ball AF Xicor Saga (episodes 1-33). Play all. Share. Loading Save
This is basically a modified and improved version of the one of the other episode lists. On top of being corrected grammatically (no more all-lowercase episode names and horrible misspellings), the list has been extended by a whopping 207 episodes. Xicor saga 1. Xicor's Arrival 2. Xicor's Story 3. Xicor's First Dragon Ball 4.
9 Dec 2011 Dragon Ball AF Episode Guide. Just for fun, here are several Dragon Ball AF Episode Guides found on These are purely hypothetical, however they are based off many rumors and legends. Their true origin is unknown. Dragonball AF Episode Guide