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29 Oct 2015 PS Form 3811, Domestic Return Receipt — July 2015 Updates Signature Service, Certified Mail, Collect on Delivery (COD), Registered Mail,
26 Sep 2017 The PS Form 3811 is optional and costs an additional amount on top of the certified mail fee. The USPS recommends that you use the domestic return receipt form for your greatest protection. If you do not purchase a return receipt, you may visit and enter your certified number in "Track and Confirm."
4 Mar 2014
Filling out the form The Mailing Instruction Form or “pink slip” ensures proper (Priority mail is not trackable unless combined with an extra service such as Certified or Can be combined with Return Receipt form #3811 or Electronic Return
PS Form 3800, April 2015 PSN 7530-02-000-9047. See Reverse for Instructions. Certified Mail Fee. $ Receipt; attach PS Form 3811 to your mailpiece;.
Instructions to send a certified letter, return receipt requested for signatures on the If the PS Form 3811 or certified letter is not returned, both the PS Form 3800
With you can prepare the postage fee for Certified Mail without Certified Mail Labels or Envelopes, but will need to fill out USPS form 3800, by hand. If you would like a physical return receipt you must also fill out USPS form 3811. These forms should be attached to your mailpiece.

Then pay for additional services, including a fee for USPS Certified Mail ($3.35USD as of 1/22/2017 and Return receipt (PS Form 3811) cost $2.75).
Complete the certified mail form (Form 3800, shown below) and retain section 3 as your Place section 1 on the bottom of the return receipt card (Form 3811).